Accessible Bathroom Renovation

The bathroom is a place where people often have accidents that cause injury, particularly if they are elderly or disabled. One of the best ways to remove the risk of injury in the bathroom is to renovate it in a way that makes it more accessible.

Stouten Enterprises is fully trained at providing expert accessible bathroom renovations to help you to access your bathroom with ease and safety. We offer a number of different solutions to help you avoid any sort of injury while also making bathroom activities a whole lot easier.

A few ways we make everything more accessible

There are many different ways that we can renovate your bathroom to make it safer and more accessible. The specific renovations that you need done depend upon your own personal situation and physical limitations.

Some of the things we can install to make your bathroom more accessible include:

  • A raised toilet base
  • Grab bars on walls near the sink and tub/shower
  • Weighted shower curtains
  • Grab bars inside the shower or tub
  • A wall-hung or wheelchair sink
  • Lever handled faucets
  • Anti-scald devices on faucets
  • Gooseneck faucets

There are many other options available for accessible renovation.

We provide expert evaluation where needed

If you’re unsure of the certain bathroom products that will help you out the most, we can send our experts to your home to evaluate your current bathroom situation and make the proper suggestions.

The final decision will, of course, be up to you, but having someone with knowledge of the different accessibility options available will help you to make the best decision possible.

Once we’ve performed the evaluation, we can then provide you with a list of options to choose from, while also providing you with an accurate estimate of the total cost of the renovation.

Stouten Enterprises is dedicated to making things easier on you

Once you’ve decided what improvements you would like us to install, we’ll work our hardest to make sure you’re satisfied with the results. Our experienced professionals can also provide you with a number of customizable options to ensure that you’re completely comfortable with the renovation.

Expert installation of all the bathroom components is, of course, the final step. Depending upon the size of the job, we might even be able to get it done as quickly as a day!

We’ll put your needs first!

Because the entire point of an accessible bathroom renovation is to make sure that all of your personal needs are taken care of, we’ll always make sure to give you the options that provide the safest, most accessible bathroom.

Our goal is to make sure that you can utilize your bathroom comfortably and safely, and that’s why we’ll always make sure that we offer the best options to fit your needs.

Let us know how we can make your bathroom better

If you’re thinking about making your bathroom more accessible, call on our Stouten Enterprises team for an expert evaluation and to discuss options. We’re dedicated to making the entire process as easy as possible!