Drain Tile Repair

Your drain tile system is one of the most important parts to the foundation of your home. This is the system that ensures water drains away from your home instead of seeping into the basement, thus protecting the foundation from critical water damage.

If you have an older drain tile system, it’s likely going to deteriorate eventually, which could lead to dangerous problems moving forward.

Don’t overlook drain tile issues

Many homeowners unfortunately overlook issues with their drain tile. Because it is far beneath the surface of the outside of the home, it’s not something that you’ll often look at. Still, your tiling system is the primary protection against water damage, so it’s important to maintain.

If your drain tile is severely damaged, water can then get into your basement and flood it, which could lead to thousands of dollars’ worth of damage. Because this damage would occur at a structural level, it’s an issue that you want to avoid at all costs!

We’ll repair or replace your tiling system

Our fully licensed experts at Stouten Enterprises can fix or replace your damaged drain tiles to ensure that the foundation of your home doesn’t undergo critical water damage.

We’ll first inspect the system to see whether it is repairable, and then we’ll go to work to make your home safer.

If we can repair your tiling, we’ll do it in a way that will last for years without issues. However, with older systems, we often find that a replacement is necessary as a long-term solution.

How we repair your drain tile

After we’ve inspected your tiling and determined that we can repair it, we’ll take a number of steps to make sure it’s up to par. Some of these steps include:

  • Unearthing the drain tile to check for water damage in your basement. If there is water damage, then we’ve determined that there’s tile damage within the proximity.
  • Clearing away of the gravel layer over the footer and the drain tile.
  • Removing damaged portions of the drain piping.
  • Replacing the damaged portions with new drain tile
  • Replacing the sediment and the gravel once the repairs have been made. This will make sure that water is filtered out so your house will not receive further water damage.
A service best suited for professionals

Because the drain tile is so important to the structure of your home, it’s important to make sure that you hire professionals to handle its repair or replacement.

At Stouten Enterprises, we’re fully trained and certified to handle repairing and replacing drain tile. We’ll also guarantee our work, so you know that you’ll be keeping your home safe from water damage for years to come.

Make an appointment

If you think that you might have tiling damage in your home, be sure to give us a call right away so that we can come out and inspect it. Allowing a problem like this to continue can end up causing a huge amount of structural damage.