HAFI Renovation

We proudly offer renovations to homes through the Home Adaptations For Independence (HAFI) program. This allows us to make repairs, renovations, and modifications to the homes of those who qualify for the program.

Stouten Enterprises participates in the HAFI program because we want to make sure that our community is taken care of. HAFI allows our customers to get affordable repairs and renovations to their homes when they need them the most.

What is the HAFI program?

The HAFI program is a grant program that gives financial assistance to British Columbians with health or mobility issues. The grants are specifically aimed towards home renovations so that those who qualify can continue to live in their homes independently.
Although many of the people who have qualified for the program in the past have been senior citizens, the program itself is available for homeowners of all ages.
How do you know if you qualify?

You will need to apply for the program through the government in order to see if you qualify. Generally speaking, you will need to be a British Columbia resident who is on a limited income and has limited assets.

In most cases, the government will approve the grants for you if you’re on a low income or have a permanent disability, and need renovations to your home that are directly related to your physical limitations.

The following are a few of the physical limitations that HAFI qualifiers have had:

  • Bad eyesight
  • Diabetes
  • Hearing problems
  • Problems with mobility
  • Weight problems
  • Arthritis

If you suffer from any of these ailments and are also on a low income, you should apply for the HAFI program. If you’re approved, we can make repairs and renovations to your home and the grant will pay for it.

What sort of HAFI renovations can Stouten Enterprises provide?

There are a number of different renovations that we can provide you with through the HAFI program. All of these renovations are designed to make your home safer and more accessible to you. Some of the services that we provide include:

  • Installing shower heads with handles on a hose. This is important for folks with limited mobility because it allows them to adjust the shower head to a height that better suits them. It also allows them to use it as a fixed shower head, which can make taking a shower a whole lot easier.
  • Install bars near your tub or shower. This will give you something to grab while you’re either showering or taking a bath, which reduces the risk of falling and suffering an injury. If you don’t have these grab bars installed, the risk of falling is much greater, and many senior citizens will end up grabbing a shower curtain which will not hold them up.
  • Lever handle faucets. These allow folks with arthritis to more easily control the water temperature as opposed to using twist faucets.

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If you qualify for the HAFI program and would like our assistance with any of these installations, please contact us.