Plumber in Langley

Langley’s unique infrastructure means that quality plumbing services are necessary to make sure that the community is functioning properly. Stouten Enterprises has been serving Langley for years with a full suite of plumbing & heating services.

Our Services

We provide a wide range of plumbing and repair services.

Trust the Plumber More Langley Residents Trust

Stouten Enterprises has been operating in the Langley area for so long that we’ve become the most respected plumber in the community. No matter what sort of plumbing issue you happen to be facing, we’ll be there to make sure it gets fixed right away.

Our reputation precedes us, and we want to maintain it. That’s why we always work hard to get to your home as quickly as possible and provide you with the best plumbing services around.


Plumbing and natural gas systems tend to have problems during the most inopportune moments. Maybe it’s a big Saturday night dinner and the kitchen sink decided not to drain, or maybe you wake up at 2 in the morning because your home is freezing cold.

No matter what time of day it is or what the weather is like, we’ll be there right away to help you make your home comfortable again. Because we understand how dire such emergencies can be, we’ll waste no time in coming to your rescue.

Repairs to Plumbing and Sewage

Whether you have broken pipes, a clogged toilet, or a sewage leak, we’ve got the guys who’ll be able to take care of it all.

Sewage leaks can be extremely difficult to deal with, as they’ll not only cause damage, but they’ll also smell really bad. Thankfully, our plumbing experts can fix any sort of sewage leak you might happen to be facing quickly and affordably.

We specialize in every kind of plumbing repair, so anything from a leaky bathtub to a sewage leak is our specialty.

Boilers and Furnaces

Because natural gas systems work very similarly to plumbing systems, our trained experts are able to handle both. This means that we’re your one-stop-shop for both plumbing and natural gas needs.

Need your furnace or boiler fixed? Call the same guys who are always there to help you with your plumbing, and we’ll get you squared away to make sure your home stays warm during the winter!

Plumbing Inspections

Whether you’re moving into a new home, having a new home built, or renovating your existing home, one of the most important things that you must do is to inspect the plumbing.

Our experts will come to your home and make sure that everything is working properly so that you won’t end up running into plumbing problems in the future.

Water Heater Services

No one likes a cold shower, and that’s just one reason why making sure that your water heater is functioning properly is so important.

Our specialists will repair or replace your damaged water heater quickly and affordably.

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No matter what plumbing issue you’re having, be sure to call us right away so we can fix it before any more damage is caused. You’ll be glad you did!