Sewer Line Repair

When you live in a suburban or urban area, you are dealing with sewer lines instead of septic systems. While they serve the same function, you will find that it can take a little additional effort to keep up with sewer lines and their unique issues. What can be done and how?

What Issues Arise With Sewer Lines?

There are many different problems that can come up with your sewage line, but the most common has to deal with tree roots. As they grow, trees will push their roots relentlessly through any barrier. If, for some reason, your sewer line has a small crack, they’ll find a way in and turn that small crack into a gaping hole. Not only will that cause clogs in the system, but it can also cause the pipes to crack and break even further as time goes on.

There are other sorts of issues that can cause clogs, and over time, you may even have to deal with a pipe burst as well. These are the things that you want to keep an eye out for, and you can prevent them by getting your sewer lines inspected and/or cleaned on a regular basis.

Does Homeowner’s Insurance Cover Sewer Line Issues?

It all depends. You need to make sure that you look into your policy to learn what is included, but if you’re concerned about your sewer line and potential issues that may come along with it, then you may want to look into the options and see what you can add in case your sewer line decides to act up and cause additional issues into the future.

Are Sewer Line Issues Common? How Are They Repaired?

As many homes age, there are a variety of sewer line issues that can come up. They aren’t incredibly common, but as the system hits the 20 to 30 year old mark, it can prove to be problematic in many different ways. So, the best idea is to go ahead and get it inspected or repaired as often as you are able to do so.

Repairs will vary in cost based on how much you may need to do and how you may need to go through with the issues at hand. If you need a full sewer line replacement, that’s going to have a much higher cost than if you needed to just repair a few areas of the sewer line.

Our plumbers will take the time to evaluate the issue in question and then tell you about all of the options that can help to get it all worked out. We’ll work with you to find something that works with your budget and the needs that your system may have.

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