Trusted Plumbing Experts

When you are looking for a plumber that can take care of any and all of your plumbing needs, you want to turn to someone that knows the ins and outs of all of it. Stouten Enterprises has licensed and bonded plumbers that can take care of any and all needs that may arise with your plumbing, sewers and everything else in between.

Emergency Plumbing Services That Meet Your Needs

We have all been in situations where we’re dealing with plumbing emergencies – it can be difficult to sort out what needs to be done first if you’re the one facing the emergency. Our plumbing professionals can take care of any emergency, including the following concerns:

  • Leaking faucets, pipes, hoses, or tanks.
  • Clogged toilets or drains.
  • Pipes that have broken or burst.
  • Water pressure concerns.
  • Hot water heater (or tank) replacement or repair.

Our team of professionals is known for having some of the best service available and we can help you to get your plumbing back in working order in next to no time.

Call Us to Schedule an Inspection or Maintenance

No matter how well we take care of our plumbing, there is always going to be need for maintenance. If you’re starting to notice certain issues, it may be time to call us in. Here are some of the things that you need to keep an eye out for and, if you end up finding them, give us a call as soon as can!

  • Stains on the ceilings or walls of rooms that are below bathrooms.
  • Basement flooding or areas of the yard that feel like a marshland.
  • Unexpected changes in your water bill (spikes or decreases).
  • Dripping or leaking faucets.
  • Flooring that has gotten warped or cracked due to a water-using appliance of any sort.
  • Mold and/or musty smells in certain areas of the home (basements and attics are most common).

No matter what sort of plumbing issue that you may be facing, our staff will provide you with the best service possible. Give us a call today!

We Take Care of Plumbing for Renovations and New Building Projects

Whether you’re remodeling a bathroom, a kitchen, using a HAFI grant to improve accessibility or constructing a brand new building, our professional staff can help you out. Call Stouten Enterprises when you start the process of designing. We can take a look at your plans, help you with ideas and ensure that the upgrades and changes you are considering are going to meet code and work for you over the long term.

Stouten Enterprises is a local business, and we’re proud of the reputation we’ve earned as the premiere plumbing professionals in the area. You can trust our team to resolve your plumbing issues effectively with the top-notch service and attention to detail (including a neat and tidy work space) that makes our company stand out from the rest. Give us a call today to learn more about our services and to schedule an appointment with one of our plumbing professionals.

Make an appointment!

If you’re in the Maple Ridge area and you’re looking for plumbing services, contact Stouten Enterprises today to learn more and to see what we can do to assist you with any problems and situations that you may need help with. We always have someone that is ready to assist you with all of your needs!