Water Line Leaks and Repair

A leak in your water line can end up causing some major issues that you may have never expected. For example – have you seen water spots on your walls? If you’re starting to notice that sort of damage, it could be threatening the structure of your home. Or, if you’ve got ground water issues, you may end up causing damage to your landscaping.

Many professionals will recommend that you get a water line leak fixed sooner rather than later. Here are some of the steps that are involved in dealing with a water line leak and how a plumber from Stouten Enterprises will go through the process of discovering and repairing the issue at hand.

We Repair Water Leaks

No matter what sort of plumbing issue has arisen, the plumbers at Stouten Enterprises want to give you the best care that we can. If you’re dealing with a water line leak, then give us a call today. Not only will we help you to seek out the best solution for your issue, but we can help you to do it at an affordable cost as well. Contact us today to learn more.

Finding the Leak

A plumber will come in and take the time to find where the leak is. The way that we go through with a repair is going to depend on the type of pipe that you’re having issues with. Metal pipes are dealt with differently than PVC pipes, for example. Figuring out where the leak is, how large it is, and how easy it is to reach can help your plumber put together a plan that is appropriate for your particular situation.

Pipe Drainage

When you’re dealing with a water line leak, the plumber needs to be able to take care of it without risk of flooding or other water issues. They will turn off your main water supply and drain out the pipe in question, making it completely empty before they start working on the issue at hand.

Repair or Replace?

There are many cases in which your plumber may be able to take some time and repair the pipe. Whether by soldering or other methods, a plumber will evaluate the damage and see what can be done to fix it. Repairs generally cost less and they will take a little bit less time when it comes to what it is that needs to be taken care of. Usually, this sort of job can be done in a couple hours.

However, there are some instances where it’s a better idea for them to completely replace the pipe in question. But just because you are replacing a part of it does not mean you have to replace the whole thing. A portion of the line could be replaced using some of the same techniques listed above, and it will only take a little while. In the most extreme cases, the whole line may need to be replaced, and we can talk to you about that issue as necessary.

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No matter what sort of plumbing issue has arisen, the plumbers at Stouten Enterprises want to give you the best care that we can.